Friday, August 22, 2008

Defenseless & Nosy Hawaii Drivers

Ok, so I was running some errands yesterday and I just can't help the fact of how annoyed I am to drive on the roads with such selfish, defenseless, nosy, drivers. EVERYDAY there is an accident! It's like where ever you go, you ALWAYS have to plan for an accident so you won't be late. During peak traffic times you have to leave almost 2 hours early just to get to your destination on time. It sucks. If people would just pay attention when they drive and drive defensively, there wouldn't be as many accidents. It's so bad. Hawaii is the WORST PLACE to be a senior citizen or to just cross the road. We have the highest pedestrian casualities in the entire United States. 22 people died last year, IN CROSSWALKS from being hit by cars. Well, this year, as of July 9 people have died, but so many more have luckily survived. It's just crazy how many people are hit on this island because people don't pay attention.

Well, I'm driving around after picking Nancy up from work and we realize traffic is backed up really bad on the freeway because of an accident up ahead. When we pass by it looks like a man rear ended a school bus. This was on a 3 lane highway and both vehicles were off the road on the shoulder. This accident backed up traffic so bad because we realized people slowed down to nearly 5 mph, JUST TO LOOK! There were no police stopping traffic or anything, people were just being nosy. Then when Nancy and I are in the traffic an ambulance comes, I pull the call over and the car behind me as I'm pulling out, tries to overtake me and the spot I was in. He basically tried to force his way in front of me. It was the most ridiculous thing. It's completely insane driving here. You could drive down the street for miles with your turn signal on just wanting to exit off the freeway and people will speed up and drive bumper to bumper to make it impossible for you. It's completely ridiculous. The Aloha State? Well, certainly NOT when they drive. People drive like the biggest jerks, and idiots in's annoying of how selfish drivers are. It's no suprise why there are so many accidents on a daily basis.


Price Family Adventures!!! said...

Scott and I know how you feel it that way here in Colorado. Funny thing is I would rather drive in Europe where they are going so fast then to drive here in the state anywhere.


Hey Mike! How ya doin'? Give Nancy a hug for me! Tell her I said I want her to get a blog going too.

And I agree with Katrina...much rather drive the autobahn than ANYWHERE in the states!

Kristi said...

oh the joys of livin' in hawaii, but I tell you I would so rather drive there than LA